Graduate Council

Graduate students in the Dietrich School play a vital role in shared governance through a number of school-wide councils. We are committed to partnering with our students to help ensure their success. 

The Graduate Council, composed of six elected members of the graduate faculty as well as five graduate students selected by the A&S GSO, advises the Associate Dean for Graduate Studies on matters of concern to graduate students and graduate education. It reviews proposals for new certificate and degree programs as well as the TA/TF orientation and training practices across our departments.

Membership 2021–22

Office of the Associate Dean for Graduate Studies

  • Associate Dean
  • Assistant Dean

Faculty Members

  • Andrea Berman, Biological Sciences
  • Chris Bonneau, Political Science
  • Heath Cabot, Anthropology
  • Kehui Chen, Statistics
  • Barbara McCloskey, History of Art and Architecture
  • David Pettersen, French and Italian Languages and Literatures

Student Members

  • Tiffany Betras, Biological Sciences
  • Katie Caulfield, Psychology
  • Travis Court, Physics and Astronomy
  • Deborah Danuser, Communication
  • Garrett Fiegenbaum, Economics


​​University Council on Graduate Study