Conference Grants

Presentations at national and international conferences and professional meetings are a crucial aspect of graduate students’ academic and professional development.

All travel and all travel-related funding are subject to University of Pittsburgh and Dietrich School guidance. Sources of conference travel support accessible to graduate students in the Dietrich School include those highlighted below:

A&S PBC Conference Grants: This program helps cover the cost of student presenters’ participation in-person and online conferences. To be eligible, students must have completed 18 credit hours of graduate studies and be accepted as a presenter. The grant will cover up to $150 towards online conference registration fees or up to $600 toward eligible costs of participating as a presenter in an in-person conference. You do not need to pre-qualify for this grant but we are happy to review your application in advance to confim eligibility. Please submit proof of presenting along with your applicaiton for consideration. 

A&S GSO: The A&S GSO allocates $18,000.00 of our annual budget for travel grants. In order to make grants available to the largest number of A&S grad students, travel grants are for $200.00. All A&S Grad Students who present at an academic conference or professional meeting may apply for a travel grant; eligibility requirements and additinal information can be found here: Travel Grant | A&S GSO ( or by contacting the A&SGSO Administative Assistant at

For A&S PBC and A&S GSO please apply by the date listed, based on the date of your conference


 If your conference occurs between:

 You may apply between:

 You will be notified by:


1 May- 30 June

1 March- 20 April

1 May


1 July- 31 August

1 May- 20 June

1 July


1 September- 31 October

1 July- 20 August

1 September


1 November- 31 December

1 September- 20 October

1 November


1 January- 28/29 February

1 November- 20 December

1 January


1 March- 30 April

1 January- 20 February

1 March


GPSG - Awards are contingent upon the availability of funds and the number of applications received. As of the 2020-21 fiscal/academic year, the evaluation committee will award up to a maximum of $500 per applicant, even though the cost of attending the conference may exceed that amount.  Students are highly encouraged to provide detailed explanations for the amount requested, and demonstrate efforts to find the cheapest alternative (room sharing, carpooling, etc.)  The GPSG Travel Grant is not a guaranteed source of funding. Travel grant awardees are not guaranteed to receive funding before their travel begins. We encourage students to submit the required application materials by the earliest eligible travel grant deadline.

eligibility requirements and additinal information can be found here: GPSG Travel Grants

For GPSG Travel Grants please apply by the date listed, based on the date of your conference




If you are receiving conference grants from multiple sources, you must communicate with each office about all sources of funding so that the offices can coordinate on a single expense report in the Concur Travel and Expense System. Failure to communicate about all funding sources will compromise your eligibility. Submit your packet with all receipts and documentation in one email coping each admin for the travel grant source you are applying for. If you are only applying for one travel grant you can email each person respectivley. 

If you are applying for funding through the A&S PBC Online Conference Registration grants, please submit your receipts and documentation to with this form.

If you are receiving funding through A&S GSO grants, please contact Allison Checkeye at or visit 

If you are receiving funding through GPSG grants, please contact the Graduate and Professional Student Government at or visit GPSG Travel Grants


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