Fellowships by Invitation

Applications for the following fellowships are by invitation only. Potential candidates are nominated by their departments.

Andrew Mellon Predoctoral Fellowships

These fellowships are awarded to students of exceptional promise and ability. Please check with your department to determine what criteria students are judged on. The award carries a stipend plus tuition scholarship for the duration of the award. No service is required.

Arts and Sciences Fellowships

A&S Fellowships are used to recruit doctoral students of exceptional promise and ability either when they first enroll in the PhD program or for later years. They carry a stipend plus remission of tuition. The stipend includes fund with which to purchase health insurance.  No service is required.

K. Leroy Irvis Fellowships

These multi-year fellowships are designed to enhance the diversity of the University of Pittsburgh's graduate student population and eventually the professorate. They generally carry a stipend and tuition coverage. K. Leroy Irvis Fellowships are used primarily to recruit new graduate students to the University of Pittsburgh.

Lillian B. Lawler Fellowships

Two fellowships (stipends plus remission of tuition for two terms) are awarded annually to full-time, advanced-level graduate students pursuing a PhD in Classics, English, French, German, Hispanic, History, or Slavic who show potential for an outstanding career in teaching and research. No service is required.

Provost's Humanities Fellowships

A few of these fellowships are awarded to exceptional students who are beginning graduate work in the humanities. They carry a stipend plus remission of tuition. No service is required.