Admissions to Dietrich School Graduate Programs in Academic Year 2020-21

In response to the disruptions caused by the global pandemic, the following Ph.D., MFA, and MA programs in the Humanities and Social Sciences in the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences at the University of Pittsburgh are pausing admissions for fall 2021. This one-year intermission will enable us to devote our resources and attention to our continuing students. Graduate training and research are central to the mission of the Dietrich School and its departments. While we do not pause admissions lightly, we believe that in these uncertain times our paramount responsibility is to optimally support our current students’ success and wellbeing as they prepare for impactful careers in a fast-changing world.

Graduate Programs NOT Accepting Applications In 2020-21 (in progress; as of 9/18/2020)

Anthropology: Ph.D.

Communication: Ph.D.

Classics: Ph.D.

Critical European Culture Studies: Ph.D.

English: Ph.D.

English: MFA

Film and Media Studies: Ph.D. (with areas of concentration in English, French, Hispanic, History of Art, Slavic)

French: Ph.D.

Hispanic Languages and Literatures: Ph.D.

History: Ph.D.

History of Art and Architecture: Ph.D.

Italian: MA

Linguistics: Ph.D.

Music: Ph.D.

Political Science: Ph.D.

Slavic Languages and Literatures: Ph.D.

Sociology: Ph.D.

Theatre Arts: Ph.D.

Theatre Arts: MFA


Graduate Programs Accepting Applications In 2020-21 (in progress, as of 9/18/2020. Prospective Applicants: We are preparing to open application portals by October 1, 2020, and thank you for your patience.)

Humanities and Social Sciences Master’s Programs Accepting Applications

East Asian Languages and Literatures: Interdisciplinary Master of Arts in East Asian Studies

Economics:      Master of Science in Quantitative Economics

English:            Master of Arts

Linguistics:      Master of Arts with Specialization in Applied Linguistics

Linguistics:      Master of Arts In TESOL (1 year)

Linguistics:     Master of Arts in Hispanic Linguistics


Natural Sciences: graduate programs in the following departments are accepting applications

Biological Sciences 


Geology and Environmental Science 



Physics and Astronomy                     




Joint and Interdisciplinary Programs Accepting Applications


Computational Biology

Computational Modeling and Simulation

Molecular Biophysics and Structural Biology


Thank you for your interest in graduate programs in the Kenneth P. Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences. To apply for admission to a program accepting applications, select a department or complete the online application through the ApplyYourself Application Network.

Carefully read the application instructions that identify specific requirements for a particular degree program. If you have any questions, please call the contact listed for the relevant graduate program.

The admissions processes in the Dietrich School’s graduate programs express and enact our values as an academic community and support the diverse excellence of our programs. Through holistic admissions processes, our graduate programs’ admissions committees evaluate applications in a transparent, fair, and equitable manner.

As of 2020, some 95% of the Dietrich School's graduate programs no longer require the GRE, with the vast majority of these not considering GRE scores.

We appreciate your feedback on your application experience: please send any comments or suggestions to

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