3MT (Three Minute Thesis) Competition

The Three Minute Thesis (3MT) is an academic competition that supports graduate students in developing effective communication and presentation skills. Participants discuss the nature, originality, and significance of their dissertation research for non-specialist audiences.

3MT 2018

The recent Dietrich School and University 3MT competitions were impressive displays of skills in communicating the substance, originality, and relevance of dissertation research concisely and in accessible ways to non-specialist audiences.

With warm congratulations to the divisional winners and runners-up, here are the results:

Dietrich School Winner:

Katie Wozniak (Biological Sciences): Signaling Mechanisms of the Fast Polyspermy Block in Xenopus Laevis. Katie went on to win the University competition!

Division Results

Natural Sciences:
1. Katherine Wozniak (Biological Sciences): Signaling Mechanisms of the Fast Polyspermy Block in Xenopus Laevis
2. Sarah Smith (Biological Sciences): From Code to Shape: Investigating the Connection between Genes and the Formation of an Anatomical Structure
3. John Dimoff (Psychology): It's Different When We're Together: The Impact of Experiencing a Peak-Provoked Cigarette Craving State with a Smoking Friend

Social Sciences:
1. Yi Han (Economics): Blame Shifting through Delegation: Evidence from China's One Child Policy
2. Huseyin Ilgaz (Political Science): What is the Effect of External Interventions (Military, Economic, Diplomatic) in Terminating Civil Wars?
3. Ljiljana Pantovic (Anthropology): Private within the Public: Negotiating Birth in Serbia

1. Samuel Allen (Communication): Comparative Monsterization: A Rhetorical History of the Lives and Exhibitions of Conjoined Twins in the 19th Century Samuel went on to become one of two runners-up in the University competition!
2. Laura Feibush (English): Towards a Rhetoric of Listening in and Beyond Scenes of Writing Instruction
3. Li-Fang Lai (Linguistics): Intonation in Contact: Prosodic Transfer and Innovation Among Yami-Mandarin Bilinguals The second runner-up at the university level was Nemi Vora from Civil and Environmental Engineering.