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Whittington Fellowship in the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences

The Dietrich School awards the Whittington Fellowship to women starting their doctoral studies in disciplines where women have been traditionally underrepresented and who demonstrate exceptional ability and outstanding research promise. Preference will be given to residents of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. This prestigious Fellowship carries a competitive three-term stipend and a tuition scholarship. Fellows are expected to engage in full-time study and research; no additional duties will be required or permitted. Fellows are co-mentored by advanced graduate students and faculty members.

Pitt Magazine (2019) featured Dr. Marna Whittington, Dietrich School alumna (Ph.D. Psychology/Quantitative Methods, 1974) and University of Pittsburgh Trustee, and Tom Whittington (Pitt LAW ’71) and their support for ambitious women graduate students.

Recent Whittington Fellows

Victoria Bonidie, Physics & Astronomy (2020–)

Kiera Kean, Mathematics (2018–). Read Kean's most recent paper here.

Nikki B. Carter, MA (Economics, 2017)

Irene Wallrich, MS (Geology and Environmental Science, 2017).  Assistant Director, Russell G. Hamilton Graduate Leadership Institute, Vanderbilt University

Whittington Dissertation Fellows 2019/20

Dr Pamela Delgado (Ph.D. in Mathematics, 2020), Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics & Computer Science at Christian Brothers University, Tennessee.

Dr. Xing Gao (Ph.D. in Statistics, 2020), VP, Senior Specialist for Model Development at BNY Mellon, Pittsburgh.

Arielle Woods, who is completing her Ph.D. in Geology and Environmental Science, was recently featured in a Pittwire story about her first-author paper in Nature Communications.

Previous Whittington Fellows

Elise Villella, Ph.D. (Mathematics, 2019), Site Reliability Engineer/Software Engineer, Google

Jing Liu, Ph.D. (Mathematics, 2019), Huawei

Aliaksandra Yarosh, Ph.D. (Mathematics, 2017; postdoc, Penn State, 2017-19), Educator, Data Scientist, Curriculum Developer, Cockroach Labs

YangYang Wang, Ph.D. (Mathematics, 2016), Assistant Professor of Mathematics, University of Iowa

Jin Li, MA (Applied Statistics, 2015), Software Engineer at Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

Zhuomin Liu, Ph.D. (Mathematics, 2012)

Sandra Orozco-Aleman, Ph.D.  (Economics, 2011), Associate Professor of Economics, Mississippi State

Yanna Shen, Ph.D. (Intelligent Systems, 2009), Research Associate, Lister Hill National Center for Biomedical Communications, US National Library of Medicine

[final degrees from other universities]

Vanya Slavchevska, Ph.D. (Economics, American University, 2014), Consultant, World Bank

Deema Abdallah, MBA (Point Park) MS, VP of Engineering at Branding Brand 


Other Resources

WISE: Women in Science and Engineering GSO @Pitt: Twitter

WISE promotes the voices, community, and career advancement of women scientists across the University of Pittsburgh. We are committed to creating space for women to come together in an intersectional way that celebrates the diversity of our experiences and provides support through the challenges we face. Members of WISE participate in diverse events related to these goals including seminars by renowned women leaders, career development workshops and luncheons, and socials.  For the current leadership of WISE, see also the student leaders spotlight.

University of Pittsburgh chapter of the Association for Women in Mathematics

Women and Minorities in Physics at Pitt

American Association of University Women, University of Pittsburgh

Association for Women in Science (Pittsburgh AWIS Affiliate Group)

Gender Inequality Research Lab (GIRL@Pitt)

Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies Program

Provost's Advisory Committee on Women's Concerns (PACWC)

Graduate Student Parents: Policies, Resources 

Office for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Anti-Harrassment Policy Statement

Title IX: Graduate and Professional Student Resources: The Title IX Office recognizes that Graduate and Professional Students face very specific challenges because of their unique roles in the University Community. All of the resources offered through the Title IX Office are available to graduate students, regardless of enrollment status, academic appointment, or international status. We require all graduate students to complete Title IX training as part of our commitment to providing a learning environment that is free from sexual misconduct, harassment and discrimination, to promoting fairness and equity, and to providing graduate student teachers and researchers with resources and support.


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