Diversity: Resources and Activities

Ombudsperson for Dietrich School Graduate Students

The ombudsperson assists graduate students in the Dietrich School with resolving conflicts and issues that arise in the course of their graduate education that the students believe have not or cannot be addressed within their academic department. The ombudsperson can help mediate conflicts and provides information about institutional policies related to the student’s issues, including the University’s grievance procedures. The ombudsperson directs students to further resources on campus as appropriate. The ombudsperson for the Dietrich School Office of Graduate Studies is Philippa Carter, who also serves as Director of Diversity Initiatives and Academic Affairs. Ms. Carter can be contacted at pkc3@pitt.edu or 412-624-6096.

Students of Color Dinner Series

The Students of Color Dinner Series, now in its 31st year, continues to make a significant impact on the graduate school experience for students from underrepresented populations. Five annual dinners each attract between 50 and 100 students who find the dinners a helpful and enjoyable venue through which to make social and professional connections with other members of underrepresented groups from the University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon University, and Duquesne University. Programs have featured faculty and administrators from Pitt and across the nation discussing their published works, providing insights on their life experiences, and discussing topics crucial to the graduate experience.

Summer Research Opportunities

The Dietrich School provides funds to support summer research opportunities for current Dietrich School graduate students from underrepresented populations who meet the necessary academic requirement and are enrolled in programs that do not provide internal opportunities. Applications are by invitation only and will be emailed to eligible students. If you have any questions, please contact Philippa Carter at pkc3@pitt.edu.

Title IX: Graduate and Professional Student Resources

The Title IX Office recognizes that Graduate and Professional Students face very specific challenges because of their unique roles in the University Community. All of the resources offered through the Title IX Office are available to graduate students, regardless of enrollment status, academic appointment, or international status. We require all graduate students to complete Title IX training as part of our commitment to providing a learning environment that is free from sexual misconduct, harassment and discrimination, to promoting fairness and equity, and to providing graduate student teachers and researchers with resources and support.


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