Professional Development

Moving Forward Celebration

Establishing Work Boundaries

In Establishing Work Boundaries, panelists will draw from their own experiences and discuss how they have maintained mental health throughout stressful life stages, such as graduate school. Panelists will also discuss the links between psychological and physical wellness that make it imperative to foster each one while under stress. Participants will then complete a workshop that encourages them to prioritize the activities in their daily lives that promote both mental and physical wellness.

Developing and Promoting Your Personal Brand

This workshop will focus on professional communication, networking, and personal branding, and how to utilize these three areas to be successful in a competitive job market. Following the presentation by the speakers, students will participate in breakout groups created to offer networking opportunities across different professional interests, discuss and practice skills that are most essential for each.

Strategies for Time Management

In the Strategies for Time Management workshop, attendees will learn how to identify your most productive time of the workday, setting and achieving realistic goals for project milestones, the different between a project and a task, strategies for carving out time for specific projects and reclaiming time spent on administrative tasks like emails. Students will then have the opportunity to make a project timeline for something are currently working on and discuss their plans with one another to get additional ideas for their own project.

Foundations of Emotional Wellbeing

This workshop will be led by Pittsburgh executive coach Monique De Monaco. She will give a presentation on strengthening your emotional well-being, which is the foundation of everything else you need to be successful at graduate school and beyond. After Monique’s presentation, we will do an exercise to help you identify the factors in your life that may be impeding your success and how to change that narrative to give you the emotional strength to be a leader in your field.