Register for Five-Day Project Camp

May 14, 2021 (All day)


Register for a free five-day writing camp May 17–May 21 from 9:00 to 12:00 on Zoom.

Deadline for registration: May 14

This event is open to all University of Pittsburgh graduate students working on longer projects.

The Writing Institute’s Project Camp will

  • provide a week of programming designed especially for graduate students in the process of writing independent projects;
  • provide an opportunity to get advice from and interact with experienced writing consultants;
  • describe and provide practice in strategies that facilitate drafting and completing a large document;
  • assist with developing and enacting a sound, productive writing schedule;
  • be a support group for graduate students from a variety of disciplines.

Project Camp will not

  • provide proofreading or focus on sentence-level editing or other matters related to standard written English;
  • extensively cover discipline-specific matters of formatting or presentation;
  • serve as a replacement for ongoing communication with your advisor and committee.

A day at Project Camp

  • will be led by a faculty member experienced in working with graduate student writers;
  • will offer discussion and handouts on resources and best practices;
  • will include one hour of programming and two hours of writing time (we encourage you to plan some writing time on your own in the afternoons as well)
  • will offer uninterrupted writing time to allow you to experience a productive writing schedule and get a sense of how much you can accomplish during a solid writing session.

Ahead of time, please prepare the following:

  • Materials that you will need for the dedicated writing time. (Please organize what you will need before the first day: you don’t want to spend your writing time digging through piles of notes or searching your computer for pdfs.)
  • Any beverages or snacks that would be helpful to have on hand.
  • Your lunch (so that you won't have to think about it). 

Participants who complete the week will be eligible to participate in future Graduate Student Writing Days, which are offered monthly.

To register for this event, use this link:

Deadline for registration: May 14

Sponsored by the Writing Institute