External Funding

The Dietrich School strongly encourages all eligible graduate students to seek funding from federal agencies, private foundations, and other external sources. Even while you have guaranteed funding from the University, you should consider applying for competitive external fellowships which are an honor that will stay with you throughout your career. Fellowships will distinguish your CV when you enter job markets. The proposal writing process will help clarify your thinking about your research and expose you to valuable feedback.

The University of Pittsburgh subscribes to Pivot, a comprehensive database of funding opportunities. Pivot is accessible to the campus community through the Office of Research website and the Univerity Library System databases

If you have a university website, a profile may have been created on Pivot. If you do not have a profile, please contact Ryan Champagne at rkc12@pitt.edu to arrange having a profile created.

For graduate fellowship databases maintained by other universities, see Cornell University's Fellowship Database and the University of Chicago's Fellowship Database.

In addition to your DGS and graduate faculty in your program, the Office of Graduate Studies can advise on external fellowship opportunities. Please feel free to reach out to Dean Hoock at graddean@pitt.edu.