Call for Nominations: DSAS Award for Excellence in Graduate Mentoring

Dietrich School’s annual Awards for Excellence in Graduate Mentoring

Each spring, we recognize colleagues who best exemplify the considerable efforts and accomplishments of members of the graduate faculty serving as effective mentors of our graduate students. These awards are important examples of the school’s continuing efforts to cultivate a culture of excellence in mentoring. As many of you will remember, last year’s award winners were Dr. Cory Holding, Assistant Professor of English, and Dr. Jamie Hanson, Associate Professor of Psychology.  We had the honor of recognizing them as well as the 2021 and 2020 award winners in a small ceremony back in October 2022.   

Graduate students, faculty, and/or chairs of departments with graduate programs may nominate any eligible member of the graduate faculty. Nominations must be submitted as a single .pdf attached to an email to and must include:  

A letter of nomination that addresses the particular ways the nominee has exhibited outstanding mentorship (2 page maximum). Please identify specific examples of unique contributions and accomplishments, innovative methods, and/or exceptionally valuable types of mentorships provided by the nominee. The letter should demonstrate the outcomes that resulted from such mentorship. The letter of nomination should include the primary nominator’s full name and University of Pittsburgh email address. 
Two or three letters of support that provide specific examples of the nominee’s mentoring innovations, accomplishments, and impact. Two of these letters must be authored by one or more current and, where applicable, former students. An additional letter can come from either additional graduate students, faculty, and/or staff members (1 page per letter). 
Nominee’s statement on graduate mentoring (2 page maximum). 

Nominee’s CV (2 page maximum). 

Additional details on the nominating process can be found here:  

We ask that you have your nominations submitted by March 1st, 2023, to Jennifer Sadecky